Presentation of the Project

Only out of the recognition of the unity of the human family, its dignity, should result a general respect for eachother and the feeling of belonging to a universal brotherliness.
We proclaim the highest conviction that, accepting our differences, we can work for unity. Initiatives like this arise from the active commitment for the general well- being of all human beings.

We insist on the necessity of proclaiming universal ethical values for all cultures and their manifestation in common principles for everybody, independently from religious, cultural or national affiliation.

Besides we would like to immerse ourselves in the fact that the ethical opportunity is not just another option but the only possibility capable to guarantee our society a constancy in peace and human dignity.
Without it neither social or economical sytems nor scientific or technological advancement could offer an authentic development of all people.

Once again the human being is the protagonist since only through us an authentical transformation of society is possible. It urges a fundamental change.

This project is the product of an idea of various persons and organizations who decided to work for the strengthening of our present society through the intermediation of permanent values, notions and philosophies of life which promote the human being in itself and thus influence the community positively.

Through the network we will hold international conferences, publish research results and collect ideas of specialists from the entire world, present different points of view to finally create the base of universal ethics. The declaration of principles for universal ethics solicits your support regarding the aim of reaching unity and agreement between all people focusing on our common values.

We invite you to participate in this humble but idealistic initiative.